This page contains an alphabetical list of all movie reviews published between October 1997 and May 2005. I have since given up movie criticism for the time being (see my About This Site page for a more detailed explanation), but this is it--the complete list, from A to Z. Enjoy!

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A. I. ****½ (PG-13/2:25/6-29-01) Scientist teaches android to love; director teaches audience to shiver.

ABANDON **** (PG-13/1:39/10-18-02) Harried Holmes abandons academia, befriends Bratt.

ABOUT SCHMIDT ****½ (R/2:05/12-13-02) Nicholson justifies his existence by playing a man who doesn’t.

ADAPTATION ***** (R/1:54/12-6-02) Writer Kaufman is forced to adapt, adopt, & improve.

THE ADVENTURES OF PLUTO NASH *** (PG-13/1:36/8-16-02) Eddie Murphy's comedy space vehicle misfires.

THE ADVENTURES OF ROCKY & BULLWINKLE ***½ (PG/1:30/6-30-00) DeNiro reprises role as Deer Hunter.

AGENT CODY BANKS **½ (PG/1:42/3-14-03) Muniz’s Agent Banks on him to save sugar-Codyd spy movie.

AIR BUD: GOLDEN RECEIVER **½ (G/1:30/8-14-98) Is that a dog? Is that a pigskin? Nope . . . it's just a turkey.

ALI **** (R/2:38/12-25-01) Tribute film floats like butterfly, occasionally stings like bee, but is not The Greatest.

ALIEN RESURRECTION ***½ (R/1:50/11-26-97) They're living large and Ripley's with them, believe it or not.

ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER ****½ (R/1:41/11-24-99) Spanish woman discovers she is the father of a nun's baby.

ALL THE PRETTY HORSES ***½ (PG-13/1:56/12-25-00) Private Ryan returns from WWII, becomes cowboy.

ALMOST FAMOUS ****½ (R/2:02/9-15-00) Crowe's rendition of 1973 is so almost real, it's almost scary.

ALMOST HEROES *** (PG-13/1:26/5-29-98) Farley & Perry fail to break any new ground in this expedition.

ALONG CAME A SPIDER ***½ (R/1:43/4-6-01) Freeman walks face first through a badly spun web of intrigue.

AMELIE ****½ (R/2:02/11-2-01) Personne n'exprime la passion comme une fille française. Et son directeur.

AMERICAN BEAUTY **** (R/2:01/10-1-99) Marital dysfunction, Spacey-style.

AMERICAN OUTLAWS **½ (PG-13/1:40/8-17-01) Cliché-filled western should have been headed off at the pass.

AMERICAN PIE *** (R/1:45/7-9-99) I'll never look at apple pie the same way again.

AMERICAN PIE 2 **** (R/1:44/8-10-01) Producers capitalize on nation's fondness for baked goods.

AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS *** (R/1:40/12-25-97) She's pretty, but once a month she turns into a real bitch.

AMERICA'S SWEETHEARTS ****½ (PG-13/1:40/7-20-01) Hollywood contemplates its navel, and its narcissism.

AMISTAD ***** (R/2:37/12-25-97) Wake up, honey. I think you left the slaves unlocked again.

ANALYZE THIS **** (R/1:43/3-5-99) Crystal and De Niro, comparing stock characters.

ANASTASIA ***** (G/1:37/11-21-97) A young orphan girl goes Romanov in all directions.

ANGEL EYES **½ (R/1:42/5-18-01) Trust me: it ain't Jennifer Lopez's eyes that James Caviezel's watching.

ANGELA'S ASHES ****½ (R/2:25/12-25-99) A fine autobiographical story revolving around a dirty Limerick.

THE ANIMAL (PG-13/1:23/6-1-01) Rob Schneider: not the best, but certainly bestial.

ANNA AND THE KING ****½ (PG-13/2:20/12-17-99) Foster goes for Chow and discovers the Thais that bind.

THE ANNIVERSARY PARTY ****½ (R/1:55/6-8-01) Friends Cumming together for a total-Leigh crazy bash.

ANTITRUST (PG-13/1:50/1-12-01) Maybe computer geniuses should stay behind the scenes. Like at Pixar.

ANTZ ***** (PG/1:17/10-2-98) He's Woody, but he's much more than just another carpenter ant.

ANY GIVEN SUNDAY **** (R/2:42/12-22-99) Pacino & Diaz trade bullet passes, but Stone runs out the clock.

ANYWHERE BUT HERE ****½ (PG-13/1:54/11-12-99) It's time you learned some responsibility, Mom.

THE APOSTLE ***** (PG-13/2:13/1-30-98) When Robert starts preaching, people Duvall to their knees.

ARLINGTON ROAD ****½ (R/1:59/7-9-99) Pastoral scene turns ugly: Bridges bombed by Robbins.

ARMAGEDDON **½ (PG-13/2:30/7-1-98) Armageddon out of this theater while the geddon's good.

THE ART OF WAR (R/1:57/8-25-00) Ancient Chinese secret: destroy (box-office receipts) from within (theatre).

AS GOOD AS IT GETS ****½ (PG-13/2:18/12-25-97) If you Hunt for Nicholson, you Kinnear some funny dialogue.

THE ASTRONAUT'S WIFE **½ (R/1:49/8-27-99) Congratulations, the baby looks fine: 10 fingers, 10 tentacles.

AT FIRST SIGHT ***½ (PG-13/2:08/1-15-99) The light of reality is apparently too bright for this impaired script.

ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE *** (PG/1:33/6-15-01) Disney's cartoon Empire springs a leak.

AUSTIN POWERS: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME **** (PG-13/1:35/6-11-99) Another 50 ways to say Johnson.

AUSTIN POWERS: GOLDMEMBER ****½ (PG-13/1:30/7-26-02) Austin tries again to Bond with Dr. Evil.

AUTUMN IN NEW YORK ***½ (PG-13/1:43/8-11-00) Love means never having to say, "Merry Christmas."

THE AVENGERS ***½ (PG-13/1:31/8-14-98) Uma Peel races her Fiennes Steed.


BABE: PIG IN THE CITY *** (G/1:37/11-25-98) You can get your Daily helping of oversweetened pork here.

BABY GENIUSES (PG/1:34/3-12-99) Everything about this movie is infantile — except the babies.

THE BACHELOR **½ (PG-13/1:42/11-5-99) It's Brewster's Millions, with a touch of Runaway Bride.

BAD COMPANY **½ (PG-13/1:57/6-7-02) Bad! Bad movie company! Bad! Go to your room!

BAIT (R/1:59/9-15-00) I can't help but respect a killer who wears finger condoms.

BALLISTIC: ECKS VS. SEVER * (R/1:31/9-20-02) Liu & Banderas should sever all ties with their ecks-agents.

BANDITS **** (PG-13/2:02/10-12-01) Willis, Thornton, & Blanchett steal laughs, hearts.

THE BANGER SISTERS **** (R/1:37/9-20-02) Hawn bangs Doors, finds Sarandon a Mother of own Invention.

BARBERSHOP **** (PG-13/1:42/9-13-02) Ensemble comedy offers shave, haircut, and more than two bits.

BARBERSHOP 2: BACK IN BUSINESS ***½ (PG-13/1:56/2-6-04) The edge is dulled; it’s business as usual.

BATS * (PG-13/1:30/10-22-99) Bloodthirsty bats go for the jugular; money-hungry movie execs bite at the billfold.

BATTLEFIELD EARTH (PG-13/1:57/5-12-00) A Christian and a Scientologist collaborate on an unholy mess.

THE BEACH *** (R/1:58/2-11-00) DiCaprio's attempt at depth ends up flat as a video game.

BEAN *** (PG-13/1:30/11-7-97) You call it Bean; we call it corn.

A BEAUTIFUL MIND **** (PG/2:14/12-21-01) Ex-Gladiator gets in the ring with paranoid schizophrenia.

BEDAZZLED **** (PG-13/1:33/10-20-00) Brendan Fraser sells soul to see Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini. Lucky stiff.

BEHIND ENEMY LINES **** (PG-13/1:45/11-30-01) Top Gun goes to Bosnia.

BEING JOHN MALKOVICH ***** (R/1:52/10-29-99) Hm. Smells like ham in here.

BELOVED **** (R/2:52/10-16-98) A woman must give up the ghost in order to stay alive.

BICENTENNIAL MAN **** (PG/2:11/12-17-99) It's Mork from Ork, with a titanium suit.

BIG DADDY *** (PG-13/1:31/6-25-99) Adam Sandler with offspring? Eeeeeewww!

BIG FAT LIAR ** (PG/1:28/2-9-02) Producers try to make us believe they worked on this.

BIG FISH ****½ (PG-13/1:50/12-25-03) Tim Burton attempts to reel in a whopper at Oscar Pond.

THE BIG HIT ** (R/1:33/4-24-98) There's no way this film can possibly live up to its name.

BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE *** (PG-13/1:38/6-2-00) Lawrence's latest is packed full of padding.

BIG TROUBLE **** (PG-13/1:33/4-5-02) Director Sonnenfeld gets in big trouble with his release date.

BILLY ELLIOT ****½ (R/1:50/10-13-00) British kid gives up black lung for white slippers.

BLACK DOG * (PG-13/1:30/5-98) Breaker 1-9, you got anything resembling a script on that rig? Big nega-tory.

BLACK HAWK DOWN ****½ (R/2:24/12-28-01) Soldiers try to apprehend Aidid, Scott tries to apprehend Oscar.

BLACK KNIGHT (PG-13/1:35/11-21-01) Lawrence engages in chivalric duel with intelligence; result is a draw.

BLADE ***½ (R/2:00/8-21-98) Hey, would anyone care for a nice, juicy stake?

BLADE II *** (R/1:54/3-22-02) Wesley Snipes returns as the blood-sucking boy wonder.

THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT ***** (R/1:22/7-16-99) Three students scared scriptless.

BLAIR WITCH 2: BOOK OF SHADOWS * (R/1:30/10-27-00) If she weighs the same as a duck, she's made of wood.

BLAST FROM THE PAST ****½ (PG-13/1:46/2-12-99) Son, if you get bombed, you're grounded for 35 years.

BLESS THE CHILD * (R/1:47/8-11-00) Plywood woman and plate-spinning child plagued by lazy-eyed devil.

BLOOD WORK ** (R/1:51/8-9-02) Clint Eastwood attempts a bloodless coup of the crime thriller industry.

BLOW **** (R/2:04/4-6-01) Cocaine trade causes Jung man's life to Depp-priciate.

BLUE CRUSH ***½ (PG-13/1:43/8-16-02) Gnarly pipe and babelicious chicks, dude. And I mean that.

BLUE STREAK ***½ (PG-13/1:33/9-17-99) Martin Lawrence cops a rock and rocks the cops.

BLUES BROTHERS 2000 **** (PG-13/2:05/2-6-98) R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to Dan Aykroyd.

BOILER ROOM **** (R/1:59/2-18-00) Pretend stock traders selling pretend pharmaceuticals.

THE BONE COLLECTOR **** (R/1:58/11-5-99) I'd prefer a story without so much rat in it.

THE BORROWERS***½ (PG/1:23/2-13-98) That's it; I've had it. I'm catching the next drain out of here.

BOTTOM (NR/1:30) Young indie filmmaker attempts to break into the big leagues from the Bottom.

BOUNCE **** (PG-13/1:45/11-17-00) Paltrow, Affleck, & Roos hope to Bounce their way to the Oscars.

THE BOURNE IDENTITY **** (PG-13/1:58/6-14-02) Man forgets everything since the day he was Bourne.

BOWFINGER ****½ (PG/1:36/8-13-99) Martin pokes his finger hilariously at the movie biz.

THE BOXER ***** (R/1:48/12-31-97) Go easy on your opponent, champ. We want to blow him up later.

BOYS AND GIRLS *** (PG-13/1:30/6-16-00) This romance is only missing two things: Billy Crystal & Meg Ryan.

BOYS DON'T CRY ****½ (R/1:58/10-22-99) Boy trapped in girl's body attacked by boys trapped in small brains.

BRIDE OF CHUCKY *** (R/1:35/10-16-98) Man, have you seen that wife of his? What a doll!

BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY **** (R/1:37/4-13-01) Jones journal joins juicy joyrides, job juggling, jaded jealousy.

BRING IT ON ***½ (PG-13/1:35/8-25-00) Girls will like its "girl-power" message. Boys will love its bouncy boobs.

BROKEDOWN PALACE ****½ (PG-13/1:40/8-13-99) Travel tip: when in Bangkok, don't carry your heroin in your backpack.

BUBBLE BOY ** (PG-13/1:35/8-24-01) If ever a bubble deserved to be popped, it's this one.

A BUG'S LIFE ***** (G/1:36/11-25-98) Several sects of insecure insects intersect with success.

BULWORTH ***½ (R/1:47/5-15-98) Ay, yo, Warren: looky here, homie, you ain't black, so, like, stop tryna be, cuz.


CALENDAR GIRLS **** (PG-13/1:48/1-29) British townswomen pose nude, enhance their sagging...economy.

CAN'T HARDLY WAIT * (PG-13/1:38/6-12-98) Until the movie's over, that is.

CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN ***** (R/2:07/8-17-01) Cage's Corelli comes calling, crooning for Cruz.

CARMAN: THE CHAMPION **½ (PG-13/1:22/3-2-01) Two guys beat the crap out of each other for the Lord.

CAST AWAY ****½ (PG-13/2:23/12-22-00) Man snatched from paradise, stranded in film with Helen Hunt.

THE CAT IN THE HAT ** (PG/1:18/11-21-03) Dreamworks’s latest belongs in the litter box.

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN **** (PG-13/2:20/12-25-02) Two former beachcombers unite to seek treasure.

CATS & DOGS *** (PG/1:30/7-4-01) This movie was cute at first, but the novelty wore off when it got older.

THE CELL ****½ (R/1:47/8-18-00) D'Onofrio and Lopez discover the greatest thing since sliced horse.

CENTER STAGE **** (PG-13/1:54/5-12-00) Reminds me of my college days. Except where are the leg warmers?

CHANGING LANES **** (R/1:39/4-12-02) Two guys have trouble finding the exit to the High Road.

CHARLIE'S ANGELS **** (PG-13/1:38/11-3-00) Devilishly funny movie resurrects show from TV heaven.

CHICAGO ****½ (PG-13/1:53/12-27-02) Zellweger razzles, Gere dazzles, Zeta-Jones delivers all that jazz.

CHICKEN RUN ****½ (G/1:24/6-23-00) Arbeit macht pie.

CHILL FACTOR * (R/1:47/9-1-99) Brrrrrrr! This film's going to get a chilly reception.

CHOCOLAT ***** (PG-13/2:01/12-22-00) Romantic story whipped into a fondue, lovingly frosted with glucose.

THE CIDER HOUSE RULES ****½ (PG-13/2:11/12-17-99) Young doctor goes away to learn the knife business.

CITY BY THE SEA ****½ (R/1:48/9-12) Gritty, salty, sandy City offers the fresh breeze of good performances.

CITY OF ANGELS ****½ (PG-13/1:57/4-10-98) Cage breaks out of cage and stops Ryan from cryin'.

A CIVIL ACTION **** (PG-13/1:52/12-25-98) Lawyers battle for a small town's right to pure, clear leukemia.

CLOCKSTOPPERS ** (PG/1:34/3-29-02) Director uses ingenious device to bring career to a standstill.

COLD MOUNTAIN **** (R/2:35/12-25-03) Minghella makes a Mountain out of a Nicole hill.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE (R/1:55/2-8-02) Schwarzenegger continues to damage his collateral.

CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND **** (R/1:53/12-31-02) Barris gets his story in before the gong.

CONFIDENCE ***½ (R/1:38/4-25-03) Derivative caper film robs others, lacks self-esteem to bank on its own ideas.

THE CONTENDER ***** (R/2:06/10-13-00) V.P. candidate gets busy facing charges that she got busy in college.

COOKIE'S FORTUNE ****½ (PG-13/1:57/4-9-99) Need a fortune? Try the cookie jar.

THE COOLER **** (R/1:41/11-26-03) Macy heats up the screen as a professional loser who suffers a lucky streak.

CORKY ROMANO * (PG-13/1:26/10-12-01) I wish Disney would put a cork in it. I've seen romano that's less cheesy.

THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO **** (PG-13/2:11/1-25-02) Guy steals Mercedes, is soon out for the Count.

THE COUNTRY BEARS *** (G/1:28/7-26-02) Disney execs scratching up the wrong tree.

COYOTE UGLY (PG-13/1:41/8-4-00) Young girl realizes lifelong dream of wiggling ass in front of drunken losers.

THE CREW (PG-13/1:27/8-25-00) Four aging wiseguys screw up their chance to stage a hit.

CROCODILE DUNDEE IN LOS ANGELES **½ (PG/1:35/4-20-01) Hogan attempts to recapture his glory g'days.

THE CROCODILE HUNTER: COLLISION COURSE *** (PG/1:29/7-12-02) Crikey! This guy's nuts!

CROSSROADS ** (PG-13/1:34/2-15-02) Movie producers reach critical juncture, get by with lots of B.S.

CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON ****½ (PG-13/2:00/12-8-00) Lee reveals ancient Chinese secret.

CROUPIER ***½ (R/1:34/4-21-00) Blackjack dealer likes losers so much he becomes one.

CRUEL INTENTIONS * (R/1:35/3-5-99) What a sexy movie. Nothing turns me on like whiny brats.


DANGEROUS BEAUTY ****½ (R/1:51/2-27-98) "How To Be A Ho" --in 16th century Venice.

DAREDEVIL *** (PG-13/1:40/2-14-03) Ben Affleck leaps blindly off into the superhero genre.

DARK CITY **** (R/1:43/2-27-98) I knew Mr. Hand was up to no good, ever since I saw him on The Mr. Bill Show.

THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW **½ (PG-13/2:04/5-28-04) Icy-cool effects offset frozen performances.

DEAD MAN ON CAMPUS **** (R/1:36/8-21-98) Two college guys try to get their roommate laid (to rest).

DEATH TO SMOOCHY ***½ (R/1:41/3-29-02) Dark comedy plays like a Barney painting by Salvador Dali.

DEEP BLUE SEA (R/1:35/7-28-99) Yummy, chummy, I'm a dummy. My agent should've picked The Mummy.

THE DEEP END OF THE OCEAN ****½ (PG-13/1:45/3-12-99) Honey, I lost the kid.

DEEP IMPACT ****½ (PG-13/2:00/5-8-98) A bunch of people bracing for the inevitable onset of Armageddon.

DESPERATE MEASURES ** (R/1:40/1-30-98) No wonder Garcia wants Keaton's bone marrow — he's Superman.

DETROIT ROCK CITY **** (R/1:34/8-13-99) Four guys trying to be cool. You know — Gene, Ace, Paul, & Peter.

DEUCE BIGALOW: MALE GIGOLO (R/1:28/12-10-99) Rob Schneider sells himself, and so does his character.

THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE **** (R/2:25/10-17-97) Al Pacino beats the devil out of Keanu Reeves.

DIGIMON: THE MOVIE * (PG/1:22/10-6-00) Pixel-puking preschool production perplexes poor publishing papa.

DINOSAUR **** (PG/1:22/5-19-00) Animators make (pre)historic progress retracing Littlefoot's steps.

THE DISH ***** (PG-13/1:44/3-14-01) Hilarious, thought-provoking Aussie Apollo story served up in The Dish.

DISTURBING BEHAVIOR ***½ (R/1:23/7-24-98) For an underachiever, Marsden really takes the Blue Ribbon.

DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA-YA SISTERHOOD ***½ (PG-13/1:56/6-7-02) Dixie chicks get ya-yas out.

LE DIVORCE **** (PG-13/1:57/8-29-03) French-American breakup film holds together well.

DR. DOLITTLE ***½ (PG-13/1:25/6-26-98) Anal dogs and flatulent rats. Rex Harrison never had to deal with this.

DR. DOLITTLE 2 ** (PG/1:22/6-22-01) Eddie Murphy teaches a bear what it's supposed to do in the woods.

A DOG OF FLANDERS ***½ (PG/1:40/8-27-99) While James is Kissner, Voigt Sweetens the pot with Monet.

DOGMA ****½ (R/2:10/11-12-99) Fallen angels try to finagle their way back into heaven.

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE **½ (PG-13/1:43/11-2-01) Never marry a woman dumb enough to marry a killer.

DON'T SAY A WORD **** (R/1:53/9-28-01) With Douglas's expressions, he doesn't need to utter a syllable.

DOUBLE JEOPARDY *** (R/1:45/9-24-99) I'll take "Unrealistic Thriller Movies" for 1000.

DOUBLE TAKE *** (PG-13/1:28/1-12-01) Gallo product causes amusement, disorientation.

DOUG'S 1ST MOVIE **½ (G/1:13/3-26-99) Monster in the lake — about as Funnie as a Skeeter in the Mayonnaise.

DRACULA 2000 *** (R/2:07/12-22-00) Sucking is the only thing this movie does well.

DRAGONFLY ** (PG-13/1:43/2-22-02) Costner's latest hope of starring in a good film gets squashed like a bug.

DRIVE ME CRAZY ** (PG-13/1:35/10-1-99) Hart hopes for handsome hunk; Grenier goes for goody-goody girl.

DRIVEN ** (PG-13/1:57/4-27-01) Stallone Driven to write movie; audience Driven to get out of theatre.

DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR? (PG-13/1:45/12-15-00) Pot-smoking producers unaware of vehicle's direction.

DUDLEY DO-RIGHT (PG/1:15/8-27-99) This film really lives up to its name: it's a Dud.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS (PG-13/1:45/12-8-00) Irons gets Birch, starts Whalin, inflicts Payne on everyone.


E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL ***** (PG/2:00/3-22-02) Alien phones home, saves by dialing 1-800-CALL-E.T.

THE EDGE ***½ (R/1:57/9-26-97) Baldwin battles bear; Hopkins hops helicopter.

EDTV **** (PG-13/2:02/3-26-99) Just you and me, and the camera makes three.

EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS **½ (PG-13/1:39/7-17-02) Spiders aren't the only reason this film made my skin crawl.

8 MILE **** (R/1:50/11-8-02) Eminem introduces a new color into the chocolate world of rap music.

8MM **** (R/2:04/2-26-99) Great idea: If you're going to kill somebody, make a movie of it.

ELECTION **** (R/1:43/5-7-99) Schoolgirl trades cupcakes for votes; teacher trades career for spite.

ELF ***½ (PG/1:35/11-7-03) Will Ferrell be able to Caan us into a Newhart-felt sense of Christmas spirit?

ELIZABETH **** (R/2:04/11-6-98) Her first year on the throne, captured in real time.

ELMO IN GROUCHLAND *** (G/1:13/10-1-99) Henson's first foray into the land of trash.

THE EMPEROR’S CLUB ***½ (PG-13/2:19/11-22-02) Kevin Kline’s classics course crafts conscientious kids.

THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE **** (G/1:19/12-15-00) Disney calls a Spade a llama.

END OF DAYS ***½ (R/2:00/11-24-99) Arnold Schwarzenegger, duking it out with the devil.

THE END OF THE AFFAIR ****½ (R/1:49/12-3-99) Two lovers get bombed together and pay the price.

ENEMY AT THE GATES **** (R/2:11/3-16-01) Kids torn apart in divorce between Motherland & Fatherland.

ENEMY OF THE STATE ****½ (R/2:08/11-20-98) Smith's common name doesn't help to protect his anonymity.

ENOUGH (PG-13/1:54/5-24-02) J-Lo learns to use her boots as well as her booty.

ENTRAPMENT **½ (PG-13/1:52/4-30-99) Being stuck in this film gave me an intense urge to gnaw my own leg off.

ERIN BROCKOVICH **** (R/2:10/3-17-00) Big hair/big heels/short skirt: Julia Roberts's classiest action suit ever.

EVER AFTER: A CINDERELLA STORY ***½ (PG-13/2:00/8-7-98) Drew leaves her credibility in her slipper.

EVE'S BAYOU ****½ (R/1:49/11-7-97) I like my bayous like I like my coffee: dark, murky, and full of voodoo.

EVOLUTION ***½ (PG-13/1:37/6-8-01) Duchovny gets his big break, but he's still playing his X-character.

EXIT WOUNDS **½ (R/1:57/3-16-01) I need this film like I need a hole in the head.

THE EXORCIST ***** (R/2:11/9-22-00) Child given Ritalin turns into the devil. Coincidence? You decide.

EXPIRATION **** (R/1:42/9-25-03) Montreal filmmakers present a telling Expo of their talent, their city’s underside.

EYE OF THE BEHOLDER (R/1:41/1-28-00) This movie was a bad choice for everyone, especially Ewan Eye.

EYES WIDE SHUT ****½ (R/2:39/7-16-99) Kubrick's last masterpiece. Keep your eyes and your mind wide open.


THE FACULTY ***½ (R/1:40/12-25-98) These teachers sure are strict — if you fail, they kill everyone on Earth.

FAHRENHEIT 9/11 **** (R/2:02/6-30) Michael Moore turns up the heat on George W. Bush.

FAIRY TALE: A TRUE STORY **½ (PG/1:38/10-24-97) Two young girls cavorting with a bunch of fairies.

FALLEN **** (R/2:03/1-16-98) What the devil possessed Denzel Washington to face his demons?

THE FAMILY MAN ***½ (PG-13/2:05/12-22-00) Wall St. millionaire finds that family life is really his cup of Téa.

FANTASIA 2000 ***** (G/1:15/6-16-00) The perfect marriage of music and art renews its vows.

THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS *** (PG-13/1:45/6-22-01) Diesel-powered racing film impeded by slow Walker.

FEAR DOT COM *** (R/1:38/8-30-02) Web-based movie gives new meaning to the phrase, "Don't Go There!"

FIFTEEN MINUTES **** (R/2:00/3-9-01) Two killers try to test Andy Warhol's famous statement.

FINAL DESTINATION (R/1:32/3-17-00) Teenager trying to cheat Death discovers that Death cheats.

FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRITS WITHIN ****½ (PG-13/1:45/7-11-01) Animated characters live with Spirits.

FINDING FORRESTER ****½ (PG-13/2:13/12-19-00) Author helps hoopster net a novel.

FINDING NEMO ***** (G/1:41/5-30-03) Fish’s fretful father finds friends, fights foes in funny family fantasy.

FIRESTORM (R/1:28/1-9-98) A tacky pack of axe-whackers & a hacker with a Mac. But the act lacks facts.

THE FLINTSTONES IN VIVA ROCK VEGAS **** (PG/1:28/4-28-00) Stone-age family unites for gay old time.

FLUBBER **** (PG/1:32/11-26-97) More recycled green goo from Disney.

FOR LOVE OF THE GAME **½ (PG-13/2:17/9-17-99) Costner has the balls to make another baseball movie.

FOR RICHER OR POORER ***½ (PG-13/1:56/12-12-97) Amish, you mish, we all mish the Amish.

FORCES OF NATURE **** (PG-13/1:46/3-19-99) Ben and Sandra share mutual Afflecktion — no Bullock.

FORMULA 51 **½ (R/1:32/10-18-02) Samuel L. Jackson in Scottish dress, and a bunch of guys who get kilt.

40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS (R/1:34/3-1-02) Man wages battle with purple-helmeted warrior.

THE FOUR FEATHERS ***½ (PG-13/2:05/9-26) Featherweight feature fettered by feckless feigners.

FREDDY GOT FINGERED * (R/1:27/4-20-01) Tasteless comedy has us swimming through Green slime.

FREQUENCY *** (PG-13/1:57/4-28-00) Two hams work together to save each other's bacon.

FRIDA ***** (R/1:58/11-8-02) Salma Hayek proves she’s not just another hot tamale.

THE FULL MONTY **** (R/1:30/8-13-97) Anything for a buck naked.


GALAXY QUEST ****½ (PG/1:44/12-25-99) Allen and his crew travel to hilarity and beyond.

GATTACA ***½ (PG-13/1:52/10-24-97) Ethan Hawke is out of this world wearing someone else's genes.

THE GENERAL'S DAUGHTER *** (R/1:56/6-18-99) Corporals commit Major crime with Captain's Privates.

GET OVER IT ***½ (PG-13/1:25/3-9-01) Boy gets emotionally over old girl by getting physically over new one.

GHOST SHIP (R/1:30/10-25-02) I have a sinking feeling it’s Halloween movie time again.

GIRL, INTERRUPTED ****½ (R/2:07/12-21-99) Ryder and Jolie force the state to open up a can of Whoopi.

GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING **** (PG-13/1:35/12-26-03) Servant girl gets in Dutch with famous painter.

GLADIATOR *** (R/2:34/5-5-00) Phoenix engages in unlikely battle with Crowe.

GO **** (R/1:43/4-9-99) August obviously Diggs Tarantino, but Liman's tribute couldn't be Mohr Askew.

GODS AND GENERALS **** (PG-13/3:40/2-21-03) “Stonewall” story stiff, stodgy, stirring.

GODZILLA *** (PG-13/2:12/5-20-98) And you thought the cockroaches were big in New York!

GONE IN 60 SECONDS ** (PG-13/1:58/6-9-00) Three Oscar winners try to drive themselves out of a career.

GONE WITH THE WIND ***** (G/3:42/6-26-98) Well, shut my mouth an' stuff me with chit'lins! It's back!

THE GOOD GIRL ****½ (R/1:33/8-7-02) Aniston is best girl for good movie about bad life.

GOOD WILL HUNTING **** (R/2:06/12-25-97) Matt Damon & Ben Affleck show true genius in their script.

GOSFORD PARK ****½ (R/2:17/12-26-01) Altman Yanks good performances out of a Caste of Brits.

GREASE **** (PG/1:50/3-27-98) "Re-release" is the word, is the word, is the word, is the word, . . .

GREAT EXPECTATIONS *** (R/1:51/1-30-98) What the Dickens were these people thinking?

THE GREEN MILE ****½ (R/3:00/12-10-99) That prison sure goes through a lot of light bulbs.

A GUY THING (PG-13/1:41/1-17-03) This is the kind of thing that makes Guys ashamed of their Things.


HALLOWEEN H20: TWENTY YEARS LATER *** (R/1:25/8-5-98) Jamie Lee Curtis has finally lost her Shape.

HANGING UP **** (PG-13/1:33/2-11-00) The Ephron sisters' latest story of disconnection.

HANNIBAL ***½ (R/2:15/2-9-01) You know it's bad when your movie is less intelligent than Lambs.

HARD RAIN **** (R/1:37/1-16-98) Quaid wants to Slater for disaster, but she's a Freeman, so just Driver home.

HARDBALL (PG-13/1:46/9-14-01) Producers try hard to make us bawl, but they strike out.

HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE **** (PG/2:32/11-16-01) Sheesh! Even the title's too long!

HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS **** (PG/2:41/11-15-02) Potting taught, pruning not.

HARRY POTTER & THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN **** (PG/2:22/6-4-04) Potter saga escapes restraints.

HART'S WAR **** (R/2:05/2-15-02) Willis shows Farrell how to fight two battles at once.

THE HAUNTING ** (PG-13/2:05/7-20-99) The only cast member missing was Scooby-Doo.

HE GOT GAME **** (R/2:16/5-1-98) Another lesson from the college of Washington & Lee.

HEAD OF STATE **½ (PG-13/1:35/3-28-03) Chris Rock’s directing debut takes a beating in the polls.

HEAD OVER HEELS * (PG-13/1:27/2-2-01) Prinze, Potter and director Waters fall ass over teacup out of favor.

HEARTBREAKERS ***½ (PG-13/2:03/3-23-01) Weaver, Hewitt use woman Lee charms to make a Liotta cash.

HEARTS IN ATLANTIS *** (PG-13/1:41/9-28-01) Actors' hearts in right place, but minds are somewhere else.

HEIST ***½ (R/1:47/11-9-01) Writer/director Mamet robs his cast of any credibility.

HERE ON EARTH ****½ (PG-13/1:36/3-24-00) Klein and Sobieski, burning down the house.

HEY, ARNOLD! (PG/1:16/6-28-02) Football-headed boy fights big-headed man in video-store-headed movie.

HIGH CRIMES ***½ (R/1:55/4-5-02) Judd and Freeman team up again, result is fraught with minor infractions.

HIGH FIDELITY ****½ (R/1:53/3-31-00) Record store owner looks at life as one big compilation tape.

HIGHLANDER: ENDGAME **½ (R/1:27/9-1-00) The immortal battle over Scotland.

HILARY AND JACKIE ****½ (R/2:05/12-30-98) When I'm with you, my heart just turns to cello.

HOLES **** (PG/1:51/4-18-03) Disney execs make juvenile delinquents dig for box of(fice) treasure.

HOLLOW MAN (R/1:54/8-4-00) Dr. Jekyll takes potion, turns into Mr. Hide.

HOLLYWOOD ENDING **** (PG-13/1:54/5-3-02) Wimpy wreck well-worn, whereas Woody's witty words win.

HOME ALONE 3 ** (PG/1:30/12-12-97) Guy gets hit in groin. Funny for so many reasons.

HOME FRIES **** (PG-13/1:33/11-25-98) Wilson stop the a Busey gets from mom, or just Barrymore victims?

HOPE FLOATS *** (PG-13/1:55/5-29-98) Bring your life jacket; you could sink in this sea of tears.

THE HORSE WHISPERER ***½ (PG-13/2:48/5-15-98) Maybe it would have been faster if he had just yelled.

THE HOURS ****½ (PG-13/1:54/12-27-02) Three stories, eight decades, nine nominations, all in just a few Hours.

HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG *** (R/2:06/12-26-03) Finely crafted House story built on shaky foundation.

THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL *** (R/1:55/10-29-99) Don't go in that dark room—there's a bad movie in there!

HOW STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK *** (R/2:05/8-14-98) Girl meets boy; boy locates girl's groove.

HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS ****½ (PG/1:46/11-17-00) Seuss's story gets a little Carrey-d away.

THE HURRICANE **** (R/2:25/12-29-99) Ex-prize fighter wrongly imprisoned, sprung by Peter, Paul, & Mary.

HUSH **** (PG-13/1:35/3-6-98) Whooooooooooa, Mama! No, I'm serious, Mama, whoa!


I DREAMED OF AFRICA **½ (PG-13/1:54/5-5-00) Basinger avoids being eaten by lions — she's too bland.

I AM SAM **** (PG-13/2:12/12-28-01) Sean Penn's mental deficiencies overcome those of script.

I HEART HUCKABEES ****½ (R/1:46/10-22-04) Existential comedy will not be hearted by everyone.

I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER * (R/1:40/10-17-97) That guy with the hook is maaaaaaaaad.

I, ROBOT **½ (PG-13/1:55/7-16-04) Will Smith gets jiggy; rest of movie doesn’t compute.

I STILL KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER *** (R/1:36/11-13-98) Man tries to get hooked on Love.

ICE AGE **** (PG/1:26/3-15-02) Three mammals and a baby—haven't we seen this somewhere before?

AN IDEAL HUSBAND ***** (PG-13/1:37/6-16-99) I'm Moore Wilde about Driver Everett time I see her.

IDENTITY ****½ (R/1:30/4-25-03) Horror film conceals own character, almost gets by with fake ID.

I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS **½ (PG/1:25/11-13-98) How to lie your way to success. At the box office.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST ****½ (PG/1:37/5-17-02) Author's importance proven in Earnest.

IN AMERICA ****½ (PG-13/1:47/5-8-03) Irish family seeks fortune, solace, acceptance in U.S., as does their film.

IN DREAMS *** (R/1:40/1-15-99) Abstract apparition abducts angel, attacks angry airhead asleep among apples.

IN THE BEDROOM ****½ (R/2:10/12-25-01) Spacek and Wilkinson let us see into their most private places.

THE INCREDIBLES ****½ (PG/1:55/11-5-04) More from those Incredible cartoon superheroes at Pixar.

THE INSIDER ***** (R/2:37/11-5-99) You mean smoking is bad for you? I had no idea.

INSOMNIA ****½ (R/1:58/5-24-02) Pacino can't sleep in sunlit Alaska night, so he brings his own darkness along.

INSPECTOR GADGET *** (PG/1:15/7-23-99) Go, go, scriptwriters! ...Oh, shucks, it must be on the blink.

INSTINCT ***½ (R/2:03/6-4-99) Hopkins monkeys around with his reputation for excellence.

INTOLERABLE CRUELTY **** (PG-13/1:40/10-10-03) Coen bros. torture us with a film that is less than perfect.

IRIS ***** (R/1:30/12-14-01) Dench, Winslet play role of vibrant but vulnerable flower.

THE IRON GIANT ****½ (PG/1:26/8-6-99) Metal man tests mettle; meddling man seeks medal.


JACK FROST ***½ (PG/1:35/ 12-11-98) Keaton finds another new way to be a cool guy.

THE JACKAL **½ (R/2:02/11-14-97) Willis guy ever get his ammo in Gere?

JACKASS: THE MOVIE (R/1:20/10-25-02) Boys will be boys, yes—but do they have to make a movie of it?

JACKIE BROWN ****½ (R/2:35/12-25-97) Another clever but violent offering from Tarantino.

JAKOB THE LIAR **** (PG-13/1:54/9-24-99) Williams's second time as a radio star: Goooooood morning, Krakow!

JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK **** (R/1:40/8-24-01) Jersey film-Smiths am-Mewes their fans.

JEEPERS CREEPERS ***½ (R/1:27/8-31-01) Starving artist astounds teens with his body of work.

JIMMY NEUTRON: BOY GENIUS ***½ (G/1:17/12-21-01) Computer geniuses launch vehicle that barely flies.

JOE DIRT ***½ (PG-13/1:33/4-11-01) Movie producers put Spade in Dirt, hope something crops up.

JOE SOMEBODY *** (PG/1:37/12-21-01) 98-pound weakling gets in slap fight with bigger, stronger movies.

JOHN Q ***½ (PG-13/1:58/2-15-02) Kid needs new heart; hospital officials don't have any.

JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS ***½ (PG-13/1:38/4-11-01) Another cartoon prisoner breaks out of its cel.

JOY RIDE **½ (R/1:36/10-5-01) C.B.-related horror story deserves to be squelched.

JURASSIC PARK III **** (PG-13/1:31/7-18-01) Dr. Grant returns, learns to speak raptor.


K-19: THE WIDOWMAKER ***½ (PG-13/2:18/7-19-02) Substitution subjects sub to subhuman subsequence.

KATE & LEOPOLD *** (PG-13/2:01/12-25-02) Time travel pic allows Hugh Jackman to appear in You've Got Mail.

KEEPING THE FAITH ****½ (PG-13/2:09/4-14-00) A priest, a rabbi, and the shiksa who comes between them.

THE KID *** (PG/1:44/7-7-00) Young weight-challenged non-winner keeps future self from becoming big fat loser.

THE KING AND I (G/1:27/3-19-99) I tried whistling a happy tune, but it didn't make this film any better.

KISS THE GIRLS **** (R/2:00/10-3-97) Ashley Judd helps Morgan Freeman find women.

KISSING A FOOL ***½ (R/1:33/2-27-98) Friends don't let Friends seduce their girl Friends.

A KNIGHT'S TALE **** (PG-13/2:12/5-11-01) Noblemen, noble ladies, and their '70s record collections.

KNOCK OFF * (R/1:33/9-4-98) A bunch of guys try to traffic some counterfeit goods. But I prefer real movies.

K-PAX ****½ (PG-13/1:58/10-26-01) Spacey flies Softley into space, linked to us by elegant, eloquent Bridges.

KRIPPENDORF'S TRIBE * (PG-13/1:33/2-27-98) Walt Disney spins in his grave yet again.

KUNDUN ****½ (PG-13/2:08/12-25-97) I'm willing Tibet Martin Scorsese is a Buddhist.

KUNG POW: ENTER THE FIST * (PG-13/1:21/1-25-02) Fun with Steve Oedekerk's disembodied head.


L.A. CONFIDENTIAL **** (R/2:20/9-19-97) Police corruption in the big city, with a side of knuckles.

THE LADIES' MAN (R/1:24/10-13-00) Funny SNL character screwed on the big screen.

LANTANA ****½ (R/2:01/12-14-01) Marriage, murder, & mystery in the Australian bush.

THE LAST CASTLE **** (R/2:11/10-19-01) Military prisoner not only has mettle, but chess to pin it on.

LEGALLY BLONDE ***½ (PG-13/1:35/7-13-01) Reese Witherspoon does well to keep the critics off her case.

THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE ***½ (PG-13/2:07/11-3-00) Lenthy links legend looks lovely, lacks life.

LETHAL WEAPON 4 **** (R/2:07/7-10-98) Gibson , Glover & co. decide to take out some Chinese.

LIFE ****½ (R/1:48/4-16-99) Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence spend about 60 years of quality time together.

LIFE AS A HOUSE *** (R/2:04/11-9-01) Strong, sturdy metaphor constructed from solid walls of sap.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL ****½ (PG-13/1:54/10-98) Benigni makes many important points; gives tanks for his award.

LIFE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT ***½ (PG-13/1:44/4-26-02) Angelina Jolie tries to see if there's Life after Lara.

LIKE MIKE **½ (PG/1:40/7-3-02) Bow Wow learns to fetch a father after locating Mikey's Nikes.

LILO & STITCH ***½ (PG/1:25/6-21-02) Blue Hawaii girl gets All Shook Up by arrival of Teddy Bear.

THE LITTLE MERMAID ***** (G/1:22/11-14-97) Re-heated fish usually isn't this good.

LITTLE NICKY (PG-13/1:24/11-10-00) Adam Sandler goes to Hell, visits his career.

THE LITTLE VAMPIRE *** (PG/1:35/10-27-00) Blood sucked out of film by little actor.

LITTLE VOICE ****½ (R/1:36/12-25-98) A Broadbent the rules while Blethyn raised Caine and got Horrocks off.

LOONEY TUNES: BACK IN ACTION ***½ (PG/ 1:30/11-14-03) Bugs in the 21st century? Whazzup wit dat, Doc?

LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING ***** (PG-13/2:58/12-19-01) A masterpiece.

LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS ***** (PG-13/2:59/12-18-02) Part 2 towers above competition.

LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN OF THE KING ***** (PG-13/3:21/ 12-17-03) A crowning achievement.

LOSER ** (PG-13/1:37/7-21-00) Director Amy Heckerling upholds truth-in-advertising laws.

LOST & FOUND ***½ (PG-13/1:35/4-23-99) A mouse finds a dog for a fox, pursued by a wolf.

LOST IN SPACE *** (PG-13/2:10/4-3-98) Danger, Will Robinson! Bad plot twist ahead! Danger! Danger!

LOST IN TRANSLATION ***** (R/1:45/10-3-03) Sofia Coppola serves as an excellent interpreter.

LOST SOULS * (R/1:37/10-13-00) Man's driving ability is impaired by his long red tail.

THE LOVE LETTER **** (PG-13/1:28/5-21-99) Precious page propels passionate palpitations.

LUCKY NUMBERS ***½ (R/1:45/10-27-00) Nora Ephron gambles with a lotto story but doesn't have a lotto luck.


MAD CITY **** (PG-13/1:54/11-7-97) Air time for Hoffman's character; err time for Travolta's.

MADELINE *** (PG/1:35/7-10-98) A little girl and her co-star, the microphone.

MAGNOLIA **** (R/2:59/12-17-99) Bizarre event leads to drastic cuts in the price of frog legs.

THE MAJESTIC **** (PG/1:23/12-19-01) Once again, Jim Carreys himself with elegance.

MAJOR LEAGUE: BACK TO THE MINORS (PG-13/1:38/4-17-98) Nobatta, nobatta, swing! Steeerike THREE!

THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK ****½ (PG-13/2:10/3-13-98) To prevent chafing, avoid looking like the king.

MAN ON THE MOON ****½ (R/1:58/12-22-99) Psycho Carrey as psycho Kaufman: it takes one to know one.

THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO LITTLE ****½ (PG/1:33/11-14-97) Bill Murray still knows plenty about comedy.

THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE **** (R/1:56/11-2-01) Coen brothers are soooooo there.

THE MASK OF ZORRO **** (PG-13/2:15/7-17-98) Good guys fight for justice while the bad guys catch some Z's.


THE MASTER OF DISGUISE ** (PG/1:16/8-2-02) Carvey tries to use his Powers to cloak bad script, direction.

MATCHSTICK MEN ***½ (PG-13/1:56/9-12-03) Fiery, spark-lit cast attached to spindly, insubstantial screenplay.

THE MATRIX ***½ (R/2:16/3-31-99) Reeves gets cooking, but almost lets his Fishburne.

MAX KEEBLE'S BIG MOVE (PG/1:26/10-5-01) So Nora Dunn's career has sunk to this.

ME, MYSELF, & IRENE *** (R/1:56/6-23-00) Carrey finds he can go from Dumb to Dumber without The Mask.

MEET JOE BLACK **** (PG-13/3:00/11-13-98) This characterization of Death is really the Pitt's.

MEET THE DEEDLES (PG/1:32/3-27-98) Most egregious movie, dudes! Totally Aweful!

MEET THE PARENTS ***½ (PG-13/1:48/10-6-00) Stiller and De Niro are introduced, but they introduce nothing.

MEMENTO **** (R/1:53/3-16-01) Climax first and talk later? Definitely a guy flick.

MEN IN BLACK II **** (PG-13/1:28/7-3-02) The return of J and K, alias Smith and Jones.

MEN OF HONOR *** (R/2:08/11-10-00) Another good story drowns in the sea of Hollywood schlock.

MERCURY RISING ***½ (R/1:52/4-3-98) Help, I'm drowning in action picture schlock! Help! Oh, thanks, kid.

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE **** (PG-13/2:12/2-12-99) Woman starts dating bottle; replaces it with man.

THE MESSENGER **** (R/3:00/11-12-99) Teenage girl goes out with boys, gets in a fight, and gets toasted.

THE MEXICAN **** (R/2:03/3-2-01) Pitt, Roberts fit like a taco/burrito combo, but Gandolfini adds the hot sauce.

MICKEY BLUE EYES **½ (PG/1:43/8-20-99) Badda-boom, badda-bing, who ate the last scone?

MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL **** (R/2:35/11-21-97) Perhaps a little too much fertilizer.

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM ***** (PG-13/1:56/5-14-99) Wacky weeds make strange bedfellows.

THE MIGHTY *** (PG-13/1:47/10-30-98) Sir Culkin does battle against Sir Trite and Sir Contrived.

MIGHTY JOE YOUNG **** (PG/1:54/12-25-98) Disney's version does its best to ape the 1949 classic.

MINORITY REPORT ***** (PG-13/2:20/6-21-02) Like the majority of Spielberg's films, this one's in the minority.

LES MISERABLES ****½ (PG-13/2:11/5-1-98) It's no wonder the French word for bread is pain.

MISS CONGENIALITY ***½ (PG-13/1:51/12-22-00) Sandra Bullock shows her talent by bursting out in thong.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE II *** (PG-13/2:07/5-24-00) Forget the virus; put your stock in the rubber mask company.

MISSION TO MARS ***½ (PG/1:50/3-10-00) White man turns blue seeking black friend in red planet greenhouse.

THE MOD SQUAD (R/1:33/3-26-99) The only mod thing about this film is its moderately short running time.

MONSTER ****½ (R/1:51/12-26-03) Theron shows grit, which will come in handy when polishing her gold.

MONSTER'S BALL ****½ (R/1:51/2-8-02) Thornton goes black, never goes back.

MONSTERS, INC. ****½ (G/1:46/11-2-01) Beastie buddies battle bad boogeyman for baby Boo.

MORTAL KOMBAT: ANNIHILATION * (R/1:30/11-21-97) Everybody was kung fu fighting.

MOULIN ROUGE ***** (PG-13/2:06/6-1-01) Wouldn't the Gay '90s have been great with Elton John around?

MOUSE HUNT ***½ (PG/1:35/12-19-97) Lane and Evans don't build a better mousetrap, but Dreamworks does.

MR. DEEDS (PG-13/1:36/6-28-02) Sorry, Adam, but one bad Deeds deserves another.

MR. MAGOO * (PG/1:28/12-25-97) Oh, Magoo — you've failed to do it again.

MRS. BROWN ***** (PG/1:43/7-11-97) The queen and her boyfriend admire each other's skirts.

MULAN ****½ (G/1:28/6-19-98) I may look like a China doll, but don't try to Shanghai me, Hun.

MULHOLLAND DRIVE ***** (R/2:26/10-19-01) How does David Lynch afford all that lysergic?

MUMFORD ****½ (R/1:36/9-24-99) Small town shrink psyches out the entire community.

THE MUMMY **** (PG-13/2:00/5-7-99) Once again, Fraser shows he isn't wrapped too tightly.

THE MUMMY RETURNS **** (PG-13/2:08/5-4-01) Fraser learns what to do with man made of toilet paper.

MUPPETS FROM SPACE ****½ (G/1:28/7-14-99) Gonzo's spaced-out-funky-family reunion.

MURDER BY NUMBERS **** (R/2:01/4-26-02) Psycho thriller doesn't exactly follow formula.

MUSIC OF THE HEART *** (PG/2:04/10-29-99) Perfectly good violin story is warped by immersion in pool of tears.

THE MUSKETEER *** (PG-13/1:45/9-7-01) 17th-c. French fighters show their love for 21st-c. Hong Kong movies.

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING ****½ (PG/1:36/8-16-02) Man converts for love of woman and her souvlaki.

MY DOG SKIP **** (PG/1:35/3-3-00) Miracle mutt makes mini-man meet many milestones.

MY FAVORITE MARTIAN **** (PG/1:32/2-12-99) The facts finally come out about Christopher Lloyd. I knew it.

MY GIANT *** (PG/1:43/4-10-98) Crystal makes it clear he's no giant in screenwriting.

MYSTERY, ALASKA ***½ (R/1:59/10-1-99) Small-town hockey team shows its p(l)uck.

MYSTIC RIVER **** (R/2:17/10-15-03) Clint Eastwood’s latest treatise on justified violence.


THE NEGOTIATOR **½ (R/2:20/7-29-98) Jackson & Spacey attempt to negotiate their way through a bad story line.

NEVER BEEN KISSED ** (PG-13/1:47/4-9-99) Barrymore fails to fit in at film producer's school.

THE NEW GUY ** (PG-13/1:29/5-10-02) Goofy kid comes to school, picks fight with Spider and Jedi. Loses.

THE NEWTON BOYS **** (PG-13/2:02/3-20-98) Hey, this bourbon tastes just like nitroglycerin. Urp. Oh-oh...

THE NEXT BEST THING ***½ (PG-13/1:46/3-3-00) It's the next best thing to a good movie.

NEXT FRIDAY ***½ (R/1:33/1-12-00) Maybe there'll be a better movie released this Friday.

A NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY (PG-13/1:27/10-2-98) I wish those guys would stop clubbing. My head hurts.

NOTTING HILL ***½ (PG-13/2:03/5-28-99) "I'm in love with an alien" — Roberts and Grant caught in love nest!

NURSE BETTY ****½ (R/1:52/9-8-00) Zellweger has the tonic to cure all your ills.

NUTTY PROFESSOR II: THE KLUMPS **** (PG-13/1:45/7-28-00) Eddie Murphy shows he's still phat.


O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? ***** (PG-13/1:46/12-22-00) Coen brothers are right where they oughtta be.

THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION **** (R/1:50/4-17-98) Girls, gays, gaiety, and guilt.

OCEAN'S ELEVEN **** (PG-13/2:07/12-7-01) Soderbergh attempts to flood the desert with an ocean of talent.

OCEAN’S TWELVE *** (PG-13/2:05/12-10-04) Soderbergh’s dozen reunites, gets bigger paycheck for less work.

OCTOBER SKY **** (PG/1:48/2-19-99) W.Va. boy must choose between rocks and rockets.

THE ODD COUPLE II ***½ (PG-13/1:35/4-10-98) Be they Odd or Grumpy, Matthau and Lemmon can't miss.

OFFICE SPACE **** (R/1:29/2-19-99) Mike Judge's latest cast isn't painted on plastic, but they're still cartoons.

OLD SCHOOL ** (R/1:30/2-21-03) Farrell and friends can sign their names, but haven’t learned their lessons.

THE OMEGA CODE (PG-13/1:39/10-15-99) Code words in Torah yield exciting new message: Madam, I'm Adam.

THE ONE *** (PG-13/1:27/11-2-01) Yu fought the Law and the Law One.

ONE HOUR PHOTO (R/1:38/8-21-02) Dull photo thriller has one brief Shining moment.

102 DALMATIANS ***½ (G/1:41/11-22-00) Disney gets Close to a funny character, but most of the film is spotty.

ONE NIGHT STAND **** (R/1:42/11-14-97) Downey steals. Kinski peels. Snipes feels. Audience reels.

ONE TRUE THING ****½ (R/2:07/9-18-98) Meryl Streep and Renée Zellweger fight over some guy named Oscar.

ORANGE COUNTY ** (PG-13/1:23/1-11-02) Son of Hanks, daughter of Spacek star in mother of all disappointments.

THE ORIGINAL KINGS OF COMEDY ***½ (R/1:55/8-18-00) Spike Lee presents the lighter side of being black.

ORIGINAL SIN ***½ (R/1:56/8-3-01) If only this film had been more original. Or more sinful.

OSCAR AND LUCINDA **** (R/2:12/12-31-97) People in glass churches shouldn't throw dice.

OSMOSIS JONES **** (PG/1:38/8-10-01) Farrellys produce a gutsy, deeply internal comedy for kids.

THE OTHER SISTER *** (PG-13/2:09/2-26-99) The actors are fine; it's the script that's mentally challenged.

THE OTHERS *** (PG-13/1:45/8-17-01) Kidman teaches kids to do the limbo.

OUT COLD **½ (PG-13/1:30/11-21-01) Snowboarders, Casablanca fans try to make beautiful music together.

OUT OF SIGHT **** (R/2:02/6-26-98) Making out in the trunk with your armed kidnapper. You go, girl!

THE OUT-OF-TOWNERS ****½ (PG-13/1:32/4-2-99) May I have my Big Apple with more melted Cleese, please?


PANIC ROOM ***½ (R/1:52/3-29-02) Woman teaches crooks a lesson by putting herself in prison.

THE PARENT TRAP **** (PG/2:07/7-29-98) Twin sisters try to catch their parents in a sack.

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST ****½ (R/2:07/2-25-04) J.C. helps Gibson resurrect famous J.C. story.

PATCH ADAMS *** (PG-13/1:55/12-25-98) Help me, Doc — I can't stop crying and retching.

THE PATRIOT **** (R/2:44/6-28-00) Mel Gibson's second stint as a chicken at war.

PAULIE ***½ (PG/1:32/4-30-98) Rrrrrraaaawwk! Paulie wanna cut of video royalties? Rrrrrrraaaaawwwk!

PAY IT FORWARD ***½ (PG-13/2:02/10-20-00) Vegas schoolboy gets involved in pyramid scheme.

PAYBACK **** (R/1:41/2-5-99) Gibson charges some guys 70 grand for couple of bullets.

THE PEACEMAKER *** (R/2:03/9-26-97) Kidman, Clooney, and a looney, wants to make U.N. go boomey.

PEARL HARBOR ***½ (PG-13/3:04/5-25-01) Bruckheimer takes an incredible story and sinks it like the Arizona.

A PERFECT MURDER **** (R/1:47/6-5-98) I love you so much I could just bludgeon you.

THE PERFECT STORM **** (PG-13/2:09/6-30-00) A bunch of stout-hearted sailors go fishing for disaster.

PETER PAN **** (PG/1:53/12-25-03) More cinematic magic unfolds on the compu—I mean, movie screen.

PHANTOMS *** (R/1:35/1-23-98) It may be unspeakably evil, but any monster who likes Patsy Cline is O.K. by me.

PHONE BOOTH ***½ (R/1:21/4-4-03) A conceited jerk trapped on a Manhattan corner? Call somebody who cares.

THE PIANIST ***** (R/2:28/12-27-02) Polish musician survives Holocaust; Polish director doesn’t soft-pedal it.

If these titles get any longer, I’m going to have to rethink my format.

PLANET OF THE APES **½ (PG-13/1:50/7-27-01) Space stud startles scores of surly simian simpletons.

PLAYING BY HEART ****½ (R/2:01/1-22-99) Everyone in this film owns a dog and drinks a martini.

PLEASANTVILLE ****½ (PG-13/2:04/10-23-98) Colored people fight for their civil rights on the small screen.

THE PLEDGE ***½ (R/2:04/1-19-01) Aging cop retires and goes fishing for red herrings.

POKEMON: THE FIRST MOVIE (G/1:15/11-10-99) Make it stop.

POKEMON: THE MOVIE 2000 **½ (G/1:41/7-21-00) Last year's acid trip leads to this year's flashback.

POKEMON 3: THE MOVIE **½ (G/1:33/4-6-01) Woman held prisoner in castle; parents held prisoner in theatre.

THE POLAR EXPRESS **** (G/1:30/11-10-04) Tom Hanks takes Tom Hanks to meet Tom Hanks.

POLLOCK **** (R/2:02/12-15-00) Ed Harris's Oscar-nominated performance as the famous paint-squirter.

POSSESSION ***½ (PG-13/1:42/8-16-02) Two bookworms come together in search of a piece of Ash.

THE POSTMAN ***½ (PG-13/2:57/12-25-97) Please Mr. Costner, look and see/if you have anything better for me.

THE POWERPUFF GIRLS MOVIE **½ (PG/1:27/7-3-02) Blossom, Bubbles, & Buttercup battle bad baboon.

PRACTICAL MAGIC **** (PG-13/1:45/10-16-98) So who does Sandra Bullock marry—Dick York or Dick Sargent?

PRIMARY COLORS ***½ (R/2:23/3-20-98) A president who overeats and has extramarital affairs? Preposterous.

THE PRINCE OF EGYPT ***** (PG/1:37/12-18-98) Let Your People Go--to this movie. You won't regret it.

THE PRINCESS DIARIES *** (G/1:55/8-3-01) What do you want for your 16th birthday, dear? A car or a country?

PROOF OF LIFE ***** (R/2:12/12-8-00) Crowe, Ryan, and Morse prove they're still kicking at the box office.

PSYCHO ***½ (R/1:48/12-4-98) The folks at Universal show off their new color copier.

PUSHING TIN ***½ (R/2:03/4-23-99) Air traffic controller suffers when he lands his plane in the wrong hangar.


QUEEN OF THE DAMNED ** (R/1:41/2-22-02) That's what I hate about Hollywood: too many damned queens.

QUEST FOR CAMELOT **½ (G/1:25/5-15-98) This was more like a quest for cameos.

QUILLS ****½ (R/2:03/12-15-00) Naughty French populace taught love by the originator of whips & chains.


THE RAGE: CARRIE 2 ** (R/1:45/3-12-99) Angry high school girl gets Carried away.

THE RAINMAKER **** (PG-13/2:20/11-21-97) Damon and Devito make money fall from the sky.

RANDOM HEARTS **** (R/2:13/10-8-99) Sorry to hear about your husband's death. about a little nookie?

RAT RACE ***½ (PG-13/1:50/8-17-01) Silly treasure hunt film may get mad, mad, mad responses from the world.

READY TO RUMBLE * (PG-13/1:45/4-7-00) A weenie and a pair of nuts repeatedly get kicked when they're down.

RECESS: SCHOOL'S OUT ***½ (G/1:24/2-16-01) School's out, school's out, TV writer cools out.

RED CORNER **** (R/2:04/10-31-97) Richard Gere almost gets his szechuan beef fried.

RED DRAGON ***** (R/2:05/10-4-02) Hopkins helps nervy Norton find Fiennes while Watson watches.

RED PLANET ***½ (PG-13/1:46/11-10-00) Some guys take their dog to Mars and teach it to fetch each other.

REIGN OF FIRE (PG-13/1:48/7-12-02) Dragon movie burns up any hope of credibility.

REINDEER GAMES (R/1:45/2-25-00) Reindeer leaves telltale dog tracks in the snow.

REMEMBER THE TITANS **** (PG/1:53/9-29-00) Denzel is well-polished, but he forgot the grit.

THE REPLACEMENTS ***½ (PG-13/1:58/8-11-00) Keanu & co. fill in for the real thing.

RESIDENT EVIL (R/1:40/3-15-02) Take two anthrax and call me in the morning.

RETURN TO ME **** (PG/1:53/4-7-00) Young woman finds she is able to love with a borrowed heart.

RETURN TO NEVER LAND *** (G/1:12/2-15-02) Maybe it Smee, but Wendy you get Hooked on Panned reruns?

RETURN TO PARADISE ***** (R/1:51/8-14-98) Traveling tip: When in Malaysia, avoid all huge bricks of hash.

RIDING IN CARS WITH BOYS **** (PG-13/2:12/10-19-01) Barrymore grins way through another serious story.

THE RING **** (PG-13/1:55/10-18-02) You know you're really in trouble when even your phone starts bleeding.

THE ROAD TO EL DORADO ****½ (PG/1:25/3-31-00) Three Dreamworks execs make a play for the city of gold.

ROAD TO PERDITION **** (R/1:59/7-12-02) Sam Mendes trying desperately to find the road back to Oscarville.

ROAD TRIP **** (R/1:31/5-19-00) College guys travel 1800 miles to rescue a college girl from pornography.

ROCK STAR ***½ (R/1:27/9-7-01) Idealistic director's hopes unwisely nailed to the Wahlberg.

ROMEO MUST DIE **** (R/1:55/3-22-00) Bartkowiak introduces U.S. to Jet Li; Li introduces U.S. to his fists.

RONIN **** (R/1:58/9-25-98) What's in that case those Irishmen want so badly? Must be beer.

THE ROOKIE **** (G/2:09/3-29-02) Physics teacher doubts his abilities, gets equal and opposite reaction.

ROUNDERS *** (R/1:55/9-11-98) John Dahl thinks he has a full house, but he's bluffing.

THE RUGRATS MOVIE ***½ (G/1:19/11-20-98) Rats lose the battle against Antz and Bug's.

RUGRATS IN PARIS: THE MOVIE ***½ (G/1:17/11-17-00) Some kids hop across the pond just to play with Frogs.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT **** (R/2:10/4-7-00) Time out! No fair! He killed 83 people! We weren't ready! Do over!

RUNAWAY BRIDE (PG/1:56/7-30-99) I think Roberts was just trying to escape from her intended contract.

RUSH HOUR *** (PG-13/1:35/9-18-98) Chan and Tucker deal out some Hong Kong foolery.

RUSH HOUR 2 **** (PG-13/1:30/8-3-01) Jackie Chan nude? Talk about Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!


THE SANTA CLAUSE 2 ***½ (G/1:45/11-1-02) Man gets married, instantly gains 200 lbs.

SAVE THE LAST DANCE ***½ (PG-13/1:55/1-12-01) Girl dances around ghetto; script dances around issues.

SAVING GRACE ****½ (R/1:34/9-1-00) Grace and Matthew attempt to pay Bill by selling Mary Jane.

SAVING PRIVATE RYAN ***** (R/2:49/7-24-98) My Damon I sure used up a lot of Hanks.

SAVING SILVERMAN ** (PG-13/1:30/2-9-01) Neil Diamond fan picks Sweet Caroline over Cracklin' Rosie.

SAY IT ISN'T SO **½ (R/1:33/3-23-01) Farrelly bros. support incest, but don't participate.

SCARY MOVIE *** (R/1:28/7-7-00) I didn't think filmmakers could be more crude. But they find a Wayans.

SCARY MOVIE 2 ***½ (R/1:35/7-4-01) Wayans' horror/comedy amuses teens, horrifies critics.

SCHOOL OF ROCK ****½ (PG-13/1:48/10-3-03) Black & White give a great lesson on Any Colour You Like.

SCOOBY-DOO ***½ (PG/1:27/6-14-02) Those meddling kids are at it again.

THE SCORE **** (R/2:00/7-13-01) Three great actors embark on a journey to the mythical land of Oz.

THE SCORPION KING **½ (PG-13/1:29/4-19-02) Role of creepy-crawly potential gets crushed under The Rock.

SCREAM 2 ***½ (R/2:00/12-12-97) Waaaaaagahahaggaaaaahahahhaaaaohmygodaaaaaaagagahaiaiiag--uhg. Drip.

SCREAM 3 **½ (R/1:56/2-4-00) Craven's Scream trilogy ends with a whimper.

SCREWED (PG-13/1:25/5-12-00) Macdonald, Chappelle, and DeVito in a botched attempt to get rich.

SEABISCUIT **** (PG-13/2:21/7-25-03) Horse teaches jockey (and America) about come-from-behind victories.

SEE SPOT RUN * (PG/1:34/3-2-01) Go ahead, pay $8 to see David Arquette covered in dog poop. I dare you.

SENSELESS * (R/1:28/2-20-98) I looked hear for a tasteful movie, but I feel it smells.

SERENDIPITY **** (PG-13/1:31/10-5-01) Dump your boyfriend—It Is Your Dessssstiny!

SERVING SARA ** (PG-13/1:38/8-23-02) Perry, Hurley make movie that serves no one.

SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET ****½ (PG-13/2:09/10-10-97) Brad Pitt and his pet Lama.

SHAFT ***½ (R/1:38/6-16-00) Jackson is fine, but the script is a baaad motherf — shut your mouth!

SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE ***** (R/2:02/12-25-98) 'Tis folly to scorn such a noble effort, where'er it doth alight.

SHALLOW HAL ***½ (PG-13/1:53/11-9-01) Fat female's feelings front for fluffy film from famously foul Farrellys.

SHANGHAI NOON ***½ (PG-13/1:50/5-26-00) Chan's Chinese out-takes come free with credit roll.

SHARK TALE **** (PG/1:30/10-1-04) Something fishy's going on at Dreamworks Animation.

SHE'S ALL THAT ** (PG-13/1:35/1-29-99) A girl corrects her life by removing her corrective lenses.

THE SHIPPING NEWS ***½ (R/1:51/12-25-01) Newspaper reporter's story told in depressing black and white.

SHOWTIME *** (PG-13/1:35/3-15-02) What's that lousy cable network they put movies like this on?

SHREK **** (PG/1:27/5-18-01) Cameron Diaz calls up Mike Myers, invites him to come on ogre.

SHREK 2 ****½ (PG/1:33/5-19-04) Gargantuan green grouch, Grimm gang guarantee gags galore, great graphics.

THE SIEGE **** (R/1:56/11-6-98) Denzel and Tony attempt to stop Bruce with Annette.

SIGNS **** (PG-13/1:47/8-2-02) Aliens make corny statement in farmer Mel's field.

SIMON BIRCH **** (PG/1:53/9-11-98) I would have thought that God would play a much larger instrument.

SIMONE **½ (PG-13/1:55/8-23-02) Two-dimensional actress stars in Hollywood picture—wow, that's a new one.

SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE **½ (PG-13/1:35/2-5-99) A man falls in love with a woman when she gives him the crab.

SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS **** (PG/1:24/7-2) American attitude applied to Arab antihero.

SIX DAYS, SEVEN NIGHTS ***½ (PG-13/1:40/6-12-98) Heche and Ford reach into each other's pants. No, really.

THE 6TH DAY *** (PG-13/2:04/11-17-00) Schwarzenegger discovers his clone is getting all the intelligent parts.

THE SIXTH SENSE ****½ (PG-13/1:47/8-6-99) Boy sees dead. Doctor sees boy. Boy and doctor see light.

THE SKULLS (PG-13/1:45/3-31-00) College rowing champ goes out of his scull to get a head.

SLACKERS *** (R/1:27/2-1-02) A bunch of guys do only what is absolutely necessary to accomplish

SLEEPY HOLLOW *** (R/1:45/11-19-99) I think the horseman visited Burton when he was choosing the release date.

SMALL SOLDIERS **½ (PG-13/1:48/7-10-98) Pretend soldiers wage real war.

SMALL TIME CROOKS **** (PG/1:34/5-19-00) Small-time crooks become big-time cooks.

SMOKE SIGNALS ****½ (PG/1:28/7-3-98) Two Indians go on a hunt for wild dad.

SNAKE EYES **** (R/1:38/8-7-98) DePalma, Cage, and Sinise just miss the jackpot.

SNATCH **** (R/1:42/12-6-00) Director Ritchie Snatches style, content from out of his own Barrels.

SNOW DAY **½ (PG/1:25/2-11-00) The snow isn't very deep, but something is.

SNOW DOGS *** (PG/1:37/1-18-02) Mush! Mush! That's what this movie tastes like...Mush!

SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS ****½ (PG-13/2:06/12-22-99) Fisherman held in murder of non-fish.

SOLARIS ****½ (PG-13/1:39/11-27-02) It’s 2001 for 2002.

SOLDIER * (R/1:40/10-23-98) This has got to be Kurt Russell's trashiest movie ever.

SOMEONE LIKE YOU * (PG-13/1:35/3-30-01) Ashley Judd's performance has us wishing for someone like . . . else.

SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE ***½ (PG-13/2:18/12-4-03) You Gotta Give Jack & Diane credit for Something.

SONGCATCHER **** (PG-13/1:52/12-1-00 [limited], 9-21-01) Gritty biddy quits city for pretty ditties.

SOUL SURVIVORS ***½ (PG-13/1:25/9-7-01) Girl gets drunk and gives her boyfriend that comatose-hither look.

SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER, & UNCUT **** (R/1:20/6-30-99) Oh, my God! They showed Kenny!

SPACE COWBOYS ***½ (PG-13/2:09/8-4-00) If this script were a spacecraft, you couldn't get me to fly in it.

THE SPANISH PRISONER **½ (PG/1:50/4-3-98) Muddle-mouthed miss makes mincemeat of Mamet's meaning.

SPECIES 2 **½ (R/1:30/4-10-98) Always practice safe sex when mating with aliens: after it's over, shoot yourself.

SPHERE ** (PG-13/2:12/2-13-98) This movie has the ball, but it still can't score.

SPIDER-MAN **** (PG-13/2:01/5-3-02) Another arachnid gets his start in pro wrestling.

SPIDER-MAN 2 ****½ (PG-13/2:07/6-30-04) Tobey Maguire reprises his role as the web-spinning wonder boy.

SPIRIT: STALLION OF THE CIMARRON ***½ (G/1:22/5-24-02) Horse story won't exactly induce a stampede.

SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS **** (PG/1:30/11-19-04) Nickelodeon cleans up with its favorite sponge.

SPY GAME **** (R/2:07/11-21-01) Redford and Pitt in a spirited match of Red Light, Green Light.

SPY KIDS **** (PG/1:28/3-30-01) Pint-sized agents fight a villain with a brain the size of a walnut.

SPY KIDS 2: THE ISLAND OF LOST DREAMS ***½ (PG/1:30/8-7-02) It's like Spy vs. Spy, but more pimply.

STAR TREK: INSURRECTION ***½ (PG/1:43/12-11-98) The Enterprise crew boldly goes for the no-frills package.

STAR TREK: NEMESIS *** (PG-13/1:56/12-13-02) Dense doppelgangers devil deep-space do-gooders. Déjà-vu.

STAR WARS: EPISODE 1 - THE PHANTOM MENACE ****½ (PG/2:11/5-19-99) R C-3PO & R2-D2 O.K. 4 Y2K?

STAR WARS II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES ****½ (PG/2:22/5-16-02) Lucas pops another gem out of the mold.

STAR WARS III: REVENGE OF THE SITH ****½ (PG-13/2:20/5-19-05) Lucas’s Force works on us again.

STARSHIP TROOPERS * (R/2:09/11-7-97) This movie is really starting to bug me.

STEALING HARVARD **½ (PG-13/1:23/9-13-02) Irritation, redness caused by poison ivy league movie.

STEPMOM ***½ (PG-13/2:04/12-25-98) Mother, may I be excused? I can't stop crying and retching.

STIGMATA **** (R/1:40/9-10-99) Hey, everybody wants to be like Jesus, but I think she's going a little too far.

STIR OF ECHOES ****½ (R/1:50/9-10-99) Unwanted houseguest drops in & asks for Bacon.

THE STORY OF US ***½ (R/1:34/10-15-99) Our story sucks; I'm filing for a rewrite.

STUART LITTLE **½ (PG/1:20/12-17-99) Family adopts mouse, mouse chews holes in script.

STUART LITTLE 2 **** (PG/1:16/7-19-02) Little family gets bigger; so does the enjoyment level.

SUGAR & SPICE (PG-13/1:30/1-26-01) Band of bad Bettys bounce boobs, bump butts, & break bank. Boo.

THE SUM OF ALL FEARS **** (PG-13/2:04/5-31-02) Fears are justified, but sum things just don't add up.

SUPER TROOPERS ***½ (R/1:43/2-15-02) Highway patrolmen investigate roadside humor possibilities.

SUPERNOVA ** (PG-13/2:50/1-14-00) Interstellar lava lamp causes multiple head trips.

SUPERSTAR **** (PG-13/1:22/10-8-99) Molly Shannon enjoys the sweet taste of tree bark and galvanized steel.

SWEET HOME ALABAMA *** (PG-13/1:49/10-27-02) City girl returns to birthplace, remembers she is country girl.

SWEET NOVEMBER * (PG-13/1:57/2-16-00) This film will leave a sour taste no matter what month it is.

THE SWEETEST THING *** (R/1:24/4-12-02) Sweet cast deserves sweeter vehicle than this Thing.

SWIMFAN **½ (PG-13/1:25/9-6-02) Teen version of Fatal Attraction lacks the speed to break the record.

SWORDFISH ***½ (R/1:38/6-8-01) Travolta fishes around for some way to save his career after Battlefield Earth.


TADPOLE ***½ (PG-13/1:18/8-2-02) Squirmy little film attempts to swim against the current.

THE TAILOR OF PANAMA **** (R/1:49/3-30-01) Rush presents his long suit — an intricately stitched character.

THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY **** (R/1:40/12-25-99) Note to self: never go boating with Matt Damon.

TARZAN ****½ (G/1:28/6-18-99) Man swings out of trees into explorer's enchanted forest.

TEA WITH MUSSOLINI ****½ (PG/1:56/5-14-99) Some English Breakfast with one lump; Cher falls for another.

TEARS OF THE SUN *** (R/1:58/3-7-03) Misguided message: military muscle mines more misery.

10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU **** (PG-13/1:30/3-31-99) A view of Shakespeare's TOTS in high school.

THE TERMINAL *** (PG-13/2:08/6-18-04) Spielberg’s genius reputation stuck, stalled, stranded in airport movie.

THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY **** (R/1:58/7-15-98) A girl and all her loving stalkers.

THE THIN RED LINE ****½ (R/2:50/12-23-98) This film meanders through the jungle of philosophy, drawing fire.

THIRTEEN DAYS ***** (PG-13/2:25/12-25-00) JFK and his staff resist the temptation to smoke some Cubans.

13 GHOSTS **** (R/1:28/10-26-01) Young family forced to engage in battle of the dozens.

THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR ****½ (R/2:03/5-28-99) Man discovers he is cartoon; attempts to erase his illustrator.

THE 13TH WARRIOR ****½ (R/1:42/8-27-99) 12 Vikings and an Arab go in search of the Bear Witch.

THOMAS & THE MAGIC RAILROAD *** (G/1:25/7-26-00) Pretty little train story fails to generate much steam.

THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR **** (R/1:51/8-6-99) Art-related mystery starring a pair of attractive boobs.

THREE KINGS ***½ (R/1:55/10-1-99) Clooney wants to trade his desert for some bullion.

3000 MILES TO GRACELAND ***½ (R/2:06/2-23-01) Hound Dog of a movie sends us all to Heartbreak Hotel.

THREE TO TANGO *** (PG-13/1:38/10-22-99) Come and knock on our door, / We've been waiting for you . . .

THE TIGGER MOVIE ***½ (G/1:16/2-11-00) This film isn't as bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, nor pouncy as I'd hoped.

THE TIME MACHINE ***½ (PG-13/1:35/3-8-02) Man travels 800,000 years in a New York minute.

TITAN A. E. **** (PG/1:34/6-16-00) Bluth flies into the future on the shoulders of giant computers.

TITANIC ****½ (PG-13/3:14/12-19-97) Wake up, honey. I think you left the faucet on again.

TOMB RAIDER ***½ (PG-13/1:38/6-15-01) Angelina Jolie busts up relics and relishes her bust.

TOMCATS * (R/1:35/3-30-01) Three million years of evolution gets smacked right in the puss.

TOMORROW NEVER DIES **½ (PG-13/2:00/12-19-97) Bomb. Lame bomb.

TOWN & COUNTRY ***½ (R/1:54/4-27-01) Tinsel Town cast ends up stranded in Failure Country.

TOY STORY 2 ***** (G/1:32/11-24-99) Buzz meets new girlfriend, gets Woody.

TRAFFIC ****½ (R/2:27/12-27-00) Drug trade story writer gets high (perspective); director gets high (praise).

TRAINING DAY ***½ (R/2:00/10-5-01) Washington teaches Hawke how to LAPDance.

THE TRANSPORTER * (PG-13/1:32/10-11-02) Action hero Statham transports his career to the city dump.

TREASURE PLANET ***½ (PG/1:35/11-27-02) Joseph Gordon-Levitt, many rocks farther from the sun.

TROY **½ (R/2:43/5-14-04) Greeks suffer Helen damnation while trying to find their Trojans. Buddy, I’ve been there.

TRUE CRIME ** (R/2:07/3-19-99) Squint Eastwood's narrow view of human emotions.

THE TRUMAN SHOW **** (PG/1:43/6-5-98) Ever get the feeling you're being watched? In syndication?

TUCK EVERLASTING **** (PG/1:28/10-11-02) Fountain of youth movie offers wellspring of talent.

THE TUXEDO ** (PG-13/1:37/9-27-02) Dressed-up Jackie Chan movie is better suited to kicks than comedy.

28 DAYS ***½ (PG-13/1:43/4-14-00) Drunk druggie ditches dope; dryout dips deliver daffy dialogue.

21 GRAMS ****½ (R/2:05/12-26-03) Oscar-nominated drama is definitely no lightweight.

TWILIGHT *** (R/1:35/3-6-98) Hey, buddy, would you mind taking this bullet downtown for me?

TWIN DRAGONS (PG-13/1:40/4-9-99) Chan gets in twice the punches, but still none connect.


U-571 ****½ (PG-13/1:55/4-21-00) Note to self: Never board broken enemy sub during war.

U.S. MARSHALS *** (PG-13/2:18/3-6-98) Marshal your courage, it's going to be a long chase.

UNBREAKABLE ****½ (PG-13/1:46/11-22-00) Writer/director Shyamalan seems to have a Sixth Sense for success.

UNDERCOVER BROTHER **** (PG-13/1:23/5-31-02) Griffin fights Whitey wit' funk.

UNFAITHFUL ***½ (R/2:04/5-10-02) Does he know that she knows that he knows?

URBAN LEGEND *** (R/1:40/9-25-98) Before you see this movie, have a few aspirins with your Coke.

URBAN LEGENDS: FINAL CUT (R/1:40/9-22-00) Horror film academy site of horrible film.


VAN WILDER **½ (R/1:32/3-29-02) Clever campus comedy crashes 'cause of cute coed's crappy calibre.

VANILLA SKY **** (R/2:25/12-14-01) Cruise takes Cruz into madness.

VARSITY BLUES **½ (R/1:44/1-15-99) This football gumball is for kids; I want my quarter back.

VERTICAL LIMIT ***½ (PG-13/2:05/12-8-00) This film dangles from the edge of credibility by a pick axe.


WAG THE DOG *** (R/1:35/12-26-97) Hey, this international incident has a phoney ring to it.

WAKING NED DEVINE ****½ (PG/1:31/11-20-98) Irish townsfolk, singin', drinkin', and collectin' o' the green.

A WALK TO REMEMBER **½ (PG/1:40/1-25-02) Script not concerned so much with words as with The Word.

THE WATCHER ***½ (R/1:33/9-8-00) Keanu's attempt to reach the boiling point fails because he has no range.

THE WATERBOY ***½ (PG-13/1:30/11-6-98) Adam Sandler's act is just a little too thick to swallow.

THE WAY OF THE GUN ****½ (R/1:59/9-8-00) Woman forced to give birth other than in Way of the Hospital.

WE WERE SOLDIERS **** (R/2:17/3-1-02) Green troops fight yellow reds for the good ol' red, white, and blue.

THE WEDDING PLANNER (PG-13/1:42/1-26-01) Shankman & his writers should have sought counseling.

THE WEDDING SINGER *** (PG-13/1:35/2-13-98) Get the material girl and baby on board; you're going to 1985.

WHAT DREAMS MAY COME **** (PG-13/1:53/10-2-98) Robin Williams paints himself right into a coroner.

WHAT LIES BENEATH ***½ (PG-13/2:06/7-21-00) Ghost haunts house; fails to put away records when finished.

WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM? **½ (R/1:47/3-3-00) Shandling's script, delivery not exactly out of this world.

WHAT WOMEN WANT *** (PG-13/2:06/12-15-00) If I were a woman, I don't think this movie is what I'd want.

WHATEVER IT TAKES * (PG-13/1:31/3-24-00) Producers do Whatever It Takes to bilk teenagers out of their cash.

WHAT'S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN? ** (PG-13/1:34/6-1-01) This film could inspire others like it.

WHERE THE HEART IS **** (PG-13/2:00/4-28-00) Comedy, romance, and a touching commercial for Wal-Mart.

WHERE THE MONEY IS **½ (PG-13/1:28/4-14-00) Fiorentino makes a crusty old crook feel like a Newman.

WHITE OLEANDER **** (PG-13/1:50/10-11-02) Parent kills mate with pistil; offspring forced to cross-pollinate.

THE WHOLE NINE YARDS ** (R/1:41/2-18-00) Bad accent contest competes with boob flashing, scotch spitting.

WILD WILD WEST **** (PG-13/1:45/6-30-99) They were inKlined to take this overwrought plot to the blackSmith.

WINDTALKERS **** (R/2:13/6-14-02) Injuns make-um heap big difference in Woo's version of WWII.

WING COMMANDER **½ (PG-13/1:40/3-12-99) A bunch of obnoxious teens playing with their joysticks.

THE WINGS OF THE DOVE **** (R/1:48/11-7-97) Candy is dandy, but Carter is smarter.

THE WIZARD OF OZ ***** (G/1:52/11-6-98) Pay no attention to the man behind the marketing strategy.

WONDER BOYS ****½ (R/1:52/2-25-00) Director Hanson achieves success with a novel approach.

THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH **½ (PG-13/2:07/11-19-99) When I left this film I was shaken, but not stirred.


THE X-FILES: FIGHT THE FUTURE **** (PG-13/1:58/6-19-98) I can't resist a lady with her own latex gloves.

X-MEN **** (PG-13/1:40/7-14-00) Rogue Wolverine works with Singer in a Marvel of a production.

X-2: X-MEN UNITED **** (PG-13/2:13/5-2-03) X-heroes X-alted in X-cellent X-ample of cinematic X-cess.

XXX **** (PG-13/2:04/8-9-02) Diesel breaks into lucrative genre—no, not porn, Bond!


YOU'VE GOT MAIL ***½ (PG/1:59/12-18-98) Hanks and Ryan, Sleepless on the Internet.


ZOOLANDER *** (PG-13/1:25/9-28-01) Good critical notices Stiller remote possibility for Ben.

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