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Lucky You.
You've found Film Quips Online, yet another movie review website full of pompous, self-important musings by some arrogant buffoon who thinks he knows it all.
I am no longer regularly writing reviews for Film Quips, but I reserve the right to spout off now and then as the need, desire, and time availability arises.
If, however, you are seeking quality, handcrafted reviews of films dating from 1997 to 2004, consult the archives or oscars pages. They're all still there, about 700 of them, in alphabetical order.
Thank you to my faithful readers (both of you), and please feel free to write me at any time. I will still be checking my e-mail regularly. NOTE: My Film Quips e-mail account has recently been unplugged due to technical difficulties. But you can still reach me at my address at The Republican. I have changed the links on this page and my archives pages, but not on the individual review pages. So if you want to write to me, click here!

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